International Pynchon Week 2015: Pynchon on the Edge

International Pynchon Week 2015, Athens: Pynchon on the Edge

Dates:  June 8 – 12

Organizers : Ali Chetwynd (University of Michigan), Georgios Maragos (Independent Scholar). Supported by the Department of Communication, Media, and Culture

Supervision: Professor Dimitris Dimiroulis (Panteion University)

Administrative duties: Katerina Alexiadi, Elli Kravvariti

Contact: [email protected]

Greek capital Athens hosts the first International Pynchon Week since the release of his eighth novel, Bleeding Edge . Here on the edges of the Mediterranean, of the European Union, of Western History, we have an opportunity not only to discuss the new novel, but also to reconsider the outer limits and internal limitations of the whole field of Pynchon studies.

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